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Cuckold Nightmare

22 pages20 minutes


A chance encounter with a ‘dream unlocking’ machine thrusts them both face first into her innermost sexual desires and deepest, wettest and nastiest fantasies.

Desires and fantasies that involve unknown strangers from the secret tribes from deep within the Amazon forests.

Jody has kept her innermost and deepest sexual urges to herself, fantasising in secret her thirst for being ravished by unknown men from the hidden African tribes.

Her thirst has been to take as many men as she can, filling her up in as many hole as possible deep and without protection.

A chance encounter with the ‘fantasy unlocking’ machine brings her fantasy to reality, her panties moist and her holes creamed........

All the while, her husband is looking on in humiliation and desperation witnessing strangers taking his wife is any way they want.

In an act of revenge and desperation, Jody’s husband decides to strap onto the ‘fantasy unlocking’ machine to unleash his dirty fantasies.........

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