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Black And White Baby Book 3

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Black and white, high-contrast baby books for newborns to 8 months.

Black and White Baby Book: Volume 3
This quality high-contrast, black and white baby book will help in the development of your child's mind. Start the learning process early with these large, easy to see black and white, high-contrast images.

The bold black-and-white images will engage your baby and provide a calming, natural learning experience. They are perfect for newborn babies up to 8 months.

Babies respond to the strong contrast between black and white and so these images are designed to maximize visual stimulation to encourage your infant's development in the early months.

Using high-contrasting black-and-white images to help develop your child's vision is a good start for nurturing your baby’s visual development.

High contrast shapes and patterns provide your baby with something engaging to focus on. High-contrasting, black and white images are therefore much easier for your baby to see in these first few months of life.

The beautifully designed images in this book are ideal for babies just beginning to look and learn. They will help to calm and also captivate your baby's interest while at the same time provide the building blocks for his/her developing mind. 

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