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Queen of Extinction: Queen of Extinction Trilogy

Length: 374 pages4 hours


In a kingdom where magic sleeps, dreams can be deadly.

The land of Ryferia mourns the death of its king. But the king's sister has no time for grief. Not when her brother's murderer walks free. Not when her reign is threatened by the stigma of forbidden magic in her blood. Not when dark forces spin the thread of her destiny, with enemies in every shadow.

Princess Aurora must marry to secure her throne, but no one in Ryferia will take a bride tainted by magic. She forces the great sentinels of steam and iron to open the gates of the kingdom so that foreign princes may compete for her hand and heart in the legendary, deadly royal trials.

Two lords with dark secrets of their own and an all-consuming desire for revenge turn the trials into a crucible of blood and fire. It's a fight to the death—and it might just be Aurora's. 

Enter a thrilling world of magic, intrigue, and romance in this edgy, genre-crossing retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty fairy tale from New York Times bestselling authors Gwynn White and Erin St. Pierre.

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