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The Stone Collector

328 pages5 hours


Hidden deep in the Brazilian rainforest a secret has been kept since the beginning of time. An order of women fight to keep this secret of the healing stones from the modern world. Their time is running out.

Camila's connection to her healing stone is enduring and absolute - until it is stolen. Driven by the need to protect the Guardians' miraculous truth and renew the physical bond to her stone, she travels from the deep recesses of the Amazon to Amsterdam to recover her blue diamond. There she meets Nick Taylor. Unaware of her history, he joins her quest to recapture her healing stone and becomes embroiled in the greed and mayhem that follow the wondrous gem.

Throughout history, the Vatican has sought to conceal the existence of the female order of Guardians and their divine gifts. Four hundred years earlier, Galileo is coerced into uncovering the power of a healing stone by the Holy See. Michel, his brother, is seduced and corrupted by the magic of the blue diamond. His need for the gem drives Michel to steal it from the bowels of the Vatican archives and flee to Brazil with his prize, in search of  more stones.

The frenzied quests to embrace the power of the healing stones challenges the notion that the promise of eternal life is really a "gift" at all.

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