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Opprobrium: The Lamentation's End

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The Lamentation's End Series:
In the world of Cyr, magic is vanishing. The races of elves, dwarves, and satyrs have disappeared, and now too the dragons. Few acknowledge the change, though the decreased power of each new generation of magi is undeniable. Can the remaining races unite to determine the cause and reverse it? Or will they find it is not at all what it seems?

The Dregs, ancient wraiths jumping from host to host, have invaded the island of Merith with their werewolf servants. Fleeing the invasion and their own country's Army, four Merithians discover many secrets in the shadows and the truth of Merith's lies. Aided by elves, mercenaries, satyrs, and piks, these young Merithians learn why it is imperative to the entire world that they escape. 

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