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Kubernetes Cookbook

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About This Book Are you using containers in your organization and want to better manage, scale, and orchestrate apps on the container? Use the recipes in the book to find a reliable solution from experts This is the first and only book on the market on Kubernetes, and it will show how to manage your containers in production using Kubernetes Buy this book, simply follow the recipes, and you will be the master of your Linux containers Who This Book Is For

If you've been playing with Docker containers for a while and wanted to orchestrate your containers in a modern way, this book is the right choice for you. This book is for those who already understand Docker and container technology and want to explore more for a better way to orchestrate, manage, and deploy containers. This book is perfect for going beyond a single container and working with container clusters, learning how to build your own Kubernetes, and making it work seamlessly with your Continuous Delivery pipeline.

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