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Visigoths in Tweed

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This coming-to-age story begins during Reid's first week of university, a whirlwind that swept into a storm. Called this generation's Catcher in the Rye, Visigoths in Tweed touches on the multiple coming-of-age forces at university including an overbearing father. When Reid enrolls in a philosophy class because of a girl, he discovers a new world that holds the secret to life. The storm breaks when his best friend suffers a heart attack when they are out running. Handcuffed by painful shyness and now influenced by his extroverted roommate, Reid's anger and confusion lead him farther away from what his father wants, which brings his father's wrath. His love for Michelle grows but his inability to manage the chaos around him nudges him to the brink. Relive the spirit of the eighties in Kingston, Ontario. It was the last gasp of pre-electronic life. Reid's philosophy professor inspires him to use his philosophy studies to help him find the solution to his problems. The deeper he goes the more caves in around him, forces that he cannot control. Helpless and oppressed by his father, Reid rebels by skipping class and road-tripping to New York City with his roommate where they triumph in a blur of booze and women. It is an awakening that sheds light on his life path before him.

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