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Tied by Fate (Fate's Will, #1)

254 pages3 hours


Siobhan found love in high school and they broke her heart. Now, years later, the O'Brien triplets return to Port Lapton, dredging up old desires. But can she risk her heart on them one more time, or is the pain of the past too much?

Ever since the heartbreak of her youth, Siobhan's been fine letting life carry her along. She's grown out of being a misfit teenager and even snagged herself a respectable job as the town's community representative-in-trailing. Comfortable with her predictable routines, she's not looking to make waves.  So why do the O'Brien triplets have to choose now to come back into her life?

Can Siobhan make peace with her troubled past to see her way forward?  Or will the transgressions of youth destroy the simple life she's built?

In a world where mystical creatures exist, and occasionally choose to take an active role in people's lives, the townsfolk of Port Lapton will discover that love always finds a way.  Even if it's with an unexpected, magical push.

NOTE: Previously published in the Falling for Them Anthology.

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