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Taxi For Bethany

21 pages16 minutes


Pretty student thinks she can pay for her taxi without money!

#3 in the Taxi Sex series

Pretty Bethany makes the cabbie an offer he can't refuse but he wants a lot more than she has on offer!


I had a good look in the mirror before pulling away. She was delightful and reminded me of the wife I had picked up the previous week, Teresa. At least she resembled her before the cynical thirties had set in. Her bright eyes and clear skin were very appealing. As were the cute little freckles on her nose. She also had a far bigger pair up top than the hot wife, that were poorly hidden by her jacket. I felt a buzz in my pants. The game was on once again!

“You a student, sweetheart?” I asked as I pulled away.

She flashed me the sweetest of smiles in the mirror. “How did you guess?” Her accent was pure Surrey and very desirable.

I caught her eye and my manhood stirred. “What you got on today then?”

“Well, I’m behind on my rent, so I’ve gotta go and see the bursar and try not to get evicted from the Halls of Residence!”

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