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The Devil Gets Lonely Too: Poetry from 2013-2016

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The Devil Gets Lonely Too is the debut collection of poetry by Thomas R. Langton. Containing a wide range of themes, the book offers everything from hope to despair in an exploration of the darker side of life.
Using a colloquial style, Thomas writes a succinct collection with poems about happiness, depression and the monotony of everyday life. This work explores more serious subject matter, including bringing light to deeper issues such as anxiety and suicide.
Themes range from love and lust to happiness, heartache and depression, and explore issues such as anxiety and suicide. Thomas punctuates his poetry with references to biblical and historical figures to help illustrate his writing.
A dark, twisted and at times sobering read, The Devil Gets Lonely Too takes inspiration from the work of Charles Bukowski and George Orwell, and from the music of Patti Smith. Thomas’ book stems from a lifelong passion for writing and a love of gritty literature. The book will appeal to fans of poetry, especially those that enjoy mature and honest literature.

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