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John Cosmith - The Year of the CAT: A Spy Novel

254 pages3 hours


A Thrilling and Increasingly Breathtaking Spy Adventure. Captain John Cosmith is a US Navy Reserve aircraft carrier pilot working as an undercover spy for the newly formed “killing arm” of the CIA. A man of principles, and above all a patriot, Cosmith has to infiltrate the powerful world of advanced military technology and industrial espionage in an unprecedented effort to prevent the emergence of a new hegemonic nuclear order. Through an intricate net of international and national political and economic interests, spanning from Asia to Europe and the United States, Cosmith and his partners in craft engage in a dangerous and unpredictable crusade against the mastermind of the deadliest weapon ever built, embarking on a fascinating diplomatic and tactical journey to free the world from the ultimate nuclear threat. Full of action and adventure! Fiction and reality mingle naturally, immersing the reader in the intricate world of espionage.

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