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My Noble Enemy

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"There are old spies and bold spies, but no old, bold spies because, if you believe all those blockbuster movies and bad novels, they go out in a blaze of gunfire."

Edwin Terrell, Jr., has enjoyed his life as a consultant aftr leaving the CIA. He lives comfortably, has amassed a decent stock portfolio, and even thought he's in his sixties, he can look forward to years to come, increasing his net worth. That is, until a diagnosis forces him to face the end of his life sooner rather than later.

He finds himself in The Hague, where his former lover, Mai Fisher, works for the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal. Terrell wants to die on his own terms, and he wants Mai to see to that. The only problem is, years before, Mai's husband, Alexei Bukharin, had declared her and Terrell's now-platonic relationship off limits.

Mai, however, will not let her friend die alone, even if it means putting her marriage in jeopardy. Terrell abandons his plans to go to a French hospice and intends to spend his last days with the woman he could never have. Alexei soon realizes the only thing keeping the dying man alive is that Mai won't let him go. To honor the friendship he and Terrell once had, Alexei has to convince her things need to end, now.

In the midst of a dying relationship, a possible new one gets a start in an unlikely place, and old enemies may or may not resolve their differences.

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