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A Shotgun Wedding

38 pages25 minutes


Western romance short story.

Luke Callahan is bound and determined that he isn't going to be tricked into a shotgun wedding no matter how tempting Cassie is. His pa and Cassie's were in cahoots to lasso him into marriage so they could combine their ranches. The last thing he wanted in his life was a wife. He liked his freedom and didn't plan on getting married anytime soon.

His plans were thwarted when Cassie's pa found them naked in the pond together and Luke couldn't convince Carl that his daughter tried to seduce him. He was honor bound to make Cassie an honest woman, because if he left it up to his pa and hers, her reputation would be ruined. Not a man to back down to anyone, he vowed that he would get what he wanted before he proposed to Cassie. Marriage would be on his terms or not at all.

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