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They Tell Me You Are Brutal: Duncan Cochrane, #3

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They Tell Me You Are Brutal: Duncan Cochrane, #3

Length: 347 pages4 hours


Lies convict, but the truth condemns.

Robert D. Knable says: "David Hagerty's novel is the third in a trilogy of crime fiction for the thinking person. Each setting is painted in rich detail to create a vivid scene. Each scene is crucial to telling the story. Characters often have back stories leaving the reader to ponder the complexities of their personae, the most complex persona being that of Duncan Cochrane, his tragic protagonist. Yes, this is a page turner, but there is much to be gleaned from each page."

When five people die from tainted pain medication, Governor Duncan Cochrane must lead the investigation. The clues quickly point to sabotage, threatening all the citizens of Chicago.

Meanwhile, his son's drunken confession leaks to a journalist with an agenda. To protect his reputation and his family, Duncan keeps the boy by his side, yet he also needs to campaign for reelection.

Can he manage all three without sacrificing his family or his office?

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the third book in the series detailing Duncan Cochrane's rise to prominence and the personal cost of his public ambitions. [DRM-Free]

The "Duncan Cochrane" Series by David Hagerty:

Book 1: They Tell Me You Are Wicked Book 2: They Tell Me You Are Crooked Book 3: They Tell Me You Are Brutal Book 4: They Tell Me You Are Cunning

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