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Feral Fantasy

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Welcome to horror and fantasy from this Keyboard Books collection of short stories, an imprint of RainWood Press. In this collection Keyboard Books offers four short tales of domesticity gone feral; from the garden to the were-woods, from the horrors of spider webs in a suburban living room to a dilapidated, boarded up, inner city building with a menacing story time. Bloodthirsty lullabies echo throughout Feral Fantasies.

Keyboard Books are dedicated to stories set in other realms and that speculate beyond the ordinary. Between these pages you’ll find a super mom once bitten twice shy of revealing her new talents and desires, a family vacation that goes mythically native, an only child who finds strange siblings in magical bubble gum packs, and a little girl who has picture books read to her by a vampire. Thank you for roaming the story telling forest of Keyboard Books.

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Author: Rhea Rose

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