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Stupid Poems 13

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There are many reasons for not buying this book.
Here are some of them:

1. You are a sensible, mature adult.
2. You have better things on which to spend your money.
3. You are a brain surgeon.
4. You are an admirer of Donald Trump.
5. You never lose your socks.
6. You have never had a sexual relationship with a vacuum cleaner.

If, however, none of these apply to you, then you must buy this book, which will be available in all good bookshops (well, maybe one or two bad ones). There is no history, opera, or mythology this time, but there is some biochemistry (and brain surgery). In Ian’s traditional style, Stupid Poems 13 features a unique combination of highbrow interests and a childish sense of humour. This collection of poems should appeal to anyone with appropriate interests and a sense of humour.

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