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Sunset Blues: The Shadow - Book 1 - Justice is Relative

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* * * * * “This is one of those few books I’d gladly put on the shelf alongside the likes of James Patterson and Lee Child, a must-read for fans of thrillers.”–R. Oserio

In thriller detective series SUNSET BLUES: The Shadow Book 1, former undercover cop, Rick Cruz, is accused of murdering his uncle who also happens to be the District Attorney. Incited from his refuge in the San Bernardino Mountains, Cruz returns to Los Angeles and the dark mystery that torments him.
Cruz's life undercover and his life as a detective collide and chaos ensues. Did he kill the man who was like a father to him? Will the syndicate or the police, get to him before he can clear his name? Will he and the siren Assistant District Attorney still feel that unquenchable heat between them? Find out as Cruz traverses the noir landscape, where heinous crimes permeate the Hollywood glitz.

Lauded as the next The Departed" by a Hollywood producer, this is the story of Cruz coming out of the shadows to face The Shadow. For Cruz, justice is relative.

SUNSET BLUES Garners Stellar Praise in ARC Reviews on Readers Favorite:

* * * * * "The most unique thing about this book is that it is written in the comfortable style of a classic detective yarn, but it’s set in today’s world with modern day cops, gang members, and mobsters. . . . This unique combination of the old and the new sets Sunset Blues: The Shadow apart from other crime thrillers.” – S. Cahan

* * * * “One only hopes that the title of this fictional work indicates there are more books to come, and a compelling new series is on the way.” – D. Lloyd

This is a story that is engaging, a delightful read, thanks to the strong plot elements, the great characters, and the wonderful prose.
- D. Zape

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