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A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo

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Yan Valle is a vitiligo survivor who investigates the hidden truth about his devastating skin condition. After a harrowing breakup, he finds refuge in the technological underground. He never expected himself to become CEO of Vitiligo Research Foundation and to make a choice that will change one hundred million human lives.

On this upstream journey to the mysterious source of white spots, Yan relentlessly looks for clues in the body and environment. He will bring together shamans, scientists, celebrities and top executives to share valuable secrets and solve the puzzle.

Dashing from the root cause to a future lifestyle, the author reveals what you really need to know. Yan will guide you through symptoms, possible triggers and common products that you must avoid. He will help you decipher medical jargon and correct common doctor’s mistakes. Together, you will explore treatments, natural medicines, food supplements, cosmetic camouflage so you can choose the proper therapy for yourself or your child.


"This is the defining work on this disease. The best I've read." – Health Editor, CNN

"This ambitious book is about how to help ordinary patients understand and manage their skin condition. Everyone interested in vitiligo should absolutely read it." – Prof. Torello Lotti

"Yan Valle is THE person to listen about vitiligo." – Lee Thomas, Fox2 TV

"A smart, accessible book that takes a look at the whole body and its environment to understand the disease, treatment tools and protocols, and well worth the price." – Prof. Robert Schwartz

"This book is rare. It looks at vitiligo with an insider’s knowledge, wisdom and deep caring about patients." – Ogo Maduewesi, VITSAF

"The author integrates in a flawless form social, medical and psychological burden of living with vitiligo. It is truly the most complete and essential guide to living with vitiligo." – Prof. Andy Goren

"I love how easy to understand and comprehensive it is - something definitely lacking in the vitiligo community today." – Erika Page, Living Dappled

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