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The World of Your Ancestors - Dates - 1900-1929: 3 of 6

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A Book for the Curious,

Amateur and Serious Genealogists

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About the Past?

The early 1900’s was a time of change. World events controlled people’s everyday lives and society norms were challenged.  Where were your ancestors during World War I?  Do you know what music was popular or what radio programs were broadcast?

The author presents a bits and pieces of information on a variety of topics in volume three of THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - DATES - 1900 - 1929.  You can find out what was in the news, who the political leaders and inventors were and what things cost.

Are you curious to find out what transportation was like or what movies were made.  You can pick a date or year in time and find out what the world was really like.

Discover what happened in the early 1900’s and how that changed your ancestor’s lives.  History provides an endless supply of topic areas to explore.  For the curious or genealogist, data included  can be a starting point to read more or find additional material.  You will be saying to yourself, “I never knew that” or “that’s why our family came to America” or “I always wondered about that”

Enjoy this mini glimpse into the past in THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - VOLUME THREE.  History becomes more relevant when you realize your relatives were a part of it.

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