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The World of Your Ancestors - Dates - 1950-1979: 5 of 6

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Amateur and Serious Genealogists

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Volume Five of this series THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - DATES- 1950-1979 takes readers closer to the present time.  It contains less years due to the amount of data included.  This is a time of the baby-boomers, the emergence of teenagers and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

What is in the news?  Who are the politicians?  Who are the sport’s heroes?  What are the Broadway plays?  What books, movies and songs are popular?  What cars are new and how much do they cost?

Find the answers to these questions and more.  You get a glimpse into life years ago or can go down memory lane.  Knowing more about the world your relatives grew up in may help you understand them.  Data might even help you know why you are the way you are.

You have seen photos or heard stories, but now you can choose a date or year and really see what was going on.  Looking back into time can be fun.  You may be one of the millions still enjoying black and white reruns of television shows made during this time.  You may be enjoying seeing later television shows and movies where the story lines are set in this time.

Depending on your interests, you have the opportunity to investigate countless top areas.  Enjoy this mini glimpse into the past and see how things were different and how things were the same as today.

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