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The World of Your Ancestors - Dates - 1930-1949: 4 of 6

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Amateur and Serious Genealogists

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THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - DATES - 1930 - 1949 is the fourth volume in a series of six.  This one covers less years because so much happened.  These are the Depression and World War II years and everywhere people’s lives were changed.

The author presents information to help history buffs and genealogists see what events occurred and gain insight into what life was really like back then.

Where were your ancestor’s living then?   Did you lose family or have to move?  Are you curious to know what things cost or what cars were sold?  Find out what books, movies and songs were popular.

Readers can choose to go down memory lane seeing what they recall.  You can choose a date in time and find famous people, sports events and a whole lot more.  Here is your chance to see what happened the day a relative was born.  Finding more about your ancestors can be fun.  Genealogy is exciting and the past becomes more real when you realize your relatives participated.

THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - DATES - VOLUME FOUR presents a mini tour into the past.  Each date, each topic area gives you the opportunity to learn something new or to do further research if you chose.  You will be saying to yourself, “I forgot about that or “I never knew that”.

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