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Mental Health First Aid Kit

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We can no longer ignore mental health care. In the United States and I‘m sure many places around the world, mental heath is ignored and stigmatized. This will no longer stand. We have neglected mental health prevention, care, and humane emergency services for far too long. Thankfully, this is slowly changing, but we are far from where we need to be. 

Mental health is holistic. It includes our thoughts, emotions, behavior, somatic experience, spirituality, and physical wellbeing. While creating this book I set out to touch on all of these aspects just a little. When you’re finished creating your Mental Health First Aid Kit you will be armed with a plethora of items, new skills, awareness, and a newfound respect for the importance of mental health.

 Life can be tough. We are faced with so many challenges, bombarded with so many rules, and are expected to know what to do with this thing we call life. Often we seem to know what to do and life floats along just like we believe it "should". Sometimes it doesn’t. These are the times when your Mental Health First Aid Kit will come in handy.

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