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The World of Your Ancestors - Dates - 1800 - 1899: 2 of 6

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A Book for the Curious,

Amateur and Serious Genealogists

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Volume two of this six volume series THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - DATES - 1800 - 1899 is a time of more changes.  Where were your ancestors in the 1800’s?  Did they fight in the Civil War?  What inventions changed their lives?  What songs were sung?  What books were read?  What did things cost?  What sports were played?

The author presents some history highlights along with other much miscellaneous background information giving readers insight into what life was really like in the past.  Some events you will remember.  Many may be totally unknown to you. 

If you have names and dates of your ancestors, this series can be a starting point to learn more or answer questions you may have had.  Are you curious?  You can pick a date or year in time and find out what the world was really like.

Life does change constantly and some generations experience more changes than other did.  Although things may seem very different years ago, life can really be the same in so many ways.  Discover what things happened and how these events affected our ancestor’s lifestyle choices.

You will be amazed to see how life was.  You will be saying to yourself, “I wondered about that” or “I am glad I live now vs. then”.

Enjoy this peek in the past in THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - DATES - VOLUME TWO.  History does become more alive when you realize your relatives were a part of it. 

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