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The Deuce

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During the 1940s, the most globally inclusive battle in the history of the earth was fought in the fields and forests of Africa and Europe, on the oceans of the earth, and in the islands of the Pacific.
Among the combative participants in that war, the 101st Airborne Division became celebrated for its effectiveness and heroism on the battlefield. Within that division were several well-respected and heroic regiments, including the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), a brother regiment to the 506th PIR of Band of Brothers fame.
After training in the U.S. and England, the 502nd was dropped behind the lines of Utah Beach on D-Day beginning the epic story of the Deuce as they fought their way across Europe. Their story is represented in The Deuce by the fictitious 1st squad, 3rd platoon, Bravo company, 3rd battalion, 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, of the 101st Airborne Division. It reveals the heroism, valor and bravery of the entire 101st.

Author Bio
The author, Symm McCord, is a native of Augusta, Georgia, who achieved his life’s goal of becoming a physician and surgeon in 1965, and began his medical career serving as a general medical officer during the Vietnam war, in which he served a year and gained a Bronze Star for meritorious service. After his last year of U.S. Army service, he became a Family Physician in the North Carolina community of Sylva, where he received much medical and personal satisfaction.
Over the years his association with active and retired military have enhanced his appreciation of their dedication and devotion to America. As he matured emotionally and patriotically, he sought the history of World War II and became enthralled by that heroic generation; so much so that he has created a memorial to their sacrifices in his historical fiction novel, The Deuce.

Key Words
Historic fiction
Battle of the Bulge
502nd PIR
101st Airborne Division

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