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21 Days to Effective Evangelism: New Soul Winning Protocol: 21-day, #1

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This book trains in a soul winning protocol that, in the year 2016, was put to work in Akure South Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria.

It all started in 2015, December 25, around 9pm. I just came in from Akure God Chasers Conference held at Adegbemile Cultural Center, Akure, Ondo State. It was a day earmarked for Christmas, but we went ahead to organise the conference because we felt it was what God wanted.

I came into the house after the conference around 9pm and as I entered I heard that word "Crusade" spoken to my spiritual ears. 

Shortly after I had this "protocol" formed in my spirit.

And in six different locations in Akure: Ijapo, Oba Ile, Sijuwade, Awule, Oke Ijebu, and Oke Aro, we executed the protocol.

Over 100 souls were won. We did the outreach in February, April, June, August, October and December of 2016. We focused on one area for each of those months.

We picked Friday evenings. We were an average of four people going out per time (two per group) and we went out about three Fridays in the designated months, spending an average of one hour each time.

From the feedback, we had a success rate of about 90percent. Meaning nine out of ten people who were not Christians that we spoke with gave their lives to Christ, indicated by making the confession of faith in Jesus that we led them in,

The advantage of this protocol is that it is extremely effective. It requires a minimum of two people, spending a maximum of three minutes with an person. Because the success rate is so high, it is very encouraging to go out day after day and see souls won.

The issue we had was some people involved with the outreach playing smart, feeling smart and wanting to deviate from the protocol.

When you hear the word "protocol", it may sound a bit mechanical. But any fisherman will tell you that what he does is very mechanical. And Jesus said he can make people fishers of men.

Going through this protocol will make you a fisher of men. Do not allow your religious background to interfere with the execution of this protocol.

Digest the manual and train your group on it. Create a one hour training session from the content, pick an area that you want to execute the protocol and get your group to "invade" the place, based on a plan you have created.

Great results await you. 

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