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Dream Warriors Kane: Dream Warriors, #3

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Dora is a Jujitsu Master who has spent her life teaching women how to defend themselves against aggressive men. She wakes up in the Underworld, chained to Chaos’ bed, a parting gift from a defeated friend. Chaos didn’t ask for the feisty beauty but she is exactly the sort of woman he prefers. Dora knows she can kick his ass, if she can just convince him to unlock her chains.

Kane, fiercest of all Dream Warriors, is thrilled when he is dispatched to rescue Dora. Chaos cost him the only woman he ever loved and payback is long overdue. But Dora is not the helpless victim Kane expects to find. Her hostility excites him, her belligerence amuses and everything about her arouses his passion. He has never wanted a woman more than he wants Dora, but first he must kill Chaos and escape the Underworld.

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