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Dream Warriors Ryder: Dream Warriors, #2

102 pages1 hour


 Scientist Sheri Vellmos thought her best friend was insane when she told her about the Dream Warriors. Then Ryder infiltrates her dreams and the only thing that’s insane is how much she wants him. She, a scientist for crying out loud, is foaming at the mouth for – wait for it – the son of Zeus and a nymph.

Ryder’s sick of the same old routine. Being stuck in the dream realm for millennia isn’t as much fun as it sounds. When he meets Sheri, things start looking up. But wouldn’t you just know it, it’s also when trouble strikes. The Underworld’s in an uproar. A succubus is on the loose, and she’s set her sights on Chaos, Hades’ son. And guess who’s been tapped to fix it?

As if a seductive dream lover isn’t enough, now Sheri’s about to play host to…the Prince of the Underworld.

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