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Stars Rain Sun Moon Part 1

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Stars Rain Sun Moon Part 1
There comes a moment in time when all things past must be put to rest. In Stars Rain Sun Moon that notion results in a cross-country road trip in a 1958 Buick Special in search of the lost chords of friendship.
When Donovan Hart receives word at his home outside Savannah, Georgia, that his longtime friend, Morgan Palmer, is suffering from the effects of early-onset dementia, he knows he must go and see him before the inevitability of Alzheimer's Disease takes its final toll. Donovan contacts old pal Coop McCord in nearby Saint Simons to let him know of Morgan's condition and see if Coop will go with him to Morgan's home in Oklahoma City. The two take off on the journey traveling in Gladys, a 1958 Buick Special that Coop, Donovan, Morgan, and Ed Moore bought from two migrating hippies back in the summer of 1968, the year the four of them departed from their hometown of Tybee Island to go to school at a small college outside Macon.

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