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It Happened in Lincolnshire

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What put Lincolnshire on the map? Author David Clark reveals why locals are proud to be Yellowbellies. In a lively and inviting series of chapters, It Happened in Lincolnshire uncovers the county’s myths and legends, its landmarks, battles, its darker side of notorious crime, its curious customs, its entertainers, its wartime experience, its colourful rectors, its great explorers and its ghosts.

• King John’s Lost Treasure
• The Devil’s Stone
• The Dutch Drainers
• The Lincolnshire Rising
• The Murder of William Storr
• Stamford Bull Running
• Billy Butlin’s Pymgy Princess
• The Dambusters
• The Lincolnshire Thrasher
• The Man Who Ate His Boots
• Marwood the Hangman

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