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Journal of Janet Tallulah, Volume 1

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Journal of Janet Tallulah, Volume I, is a courageous and intimate inner record of a young woman's struggle for meaning and direction in life. It is honest and open in its internal conversation. Janet Tallulah Jewell is born in a small town in Georgia in the 1930’s. She is the baby daughter of young man - Jesse Dickson Jewell - who owns a chicken hatchery with his mother. Janet’s mother is a housewife. She raises Janet to be a housewife. Prim, proper, obedient. Play nice, be fair, go to church. Janet has other plans. Lead, shine, star, confront, enjoy, explore. By the time Janet is 31, she leaves Georgia, much to her parents chagrin, and moves to Los Angeles, California, with her husband and small children. This Journal begins after Janet has been in LA for a year. Depressed, discouraged, disillusioned, and somewhat naive, she attends a retreat focusing on depth psychology. Conducted by Jungian psychologist Ira Progoff, Janet immerses herself in a journalistic approach to humanistic psychology and begins writing in a Journal in 1969. This e-book covers her journey shortly after her arrival in California from Georgia. She has big dreams that she makes come true. She is courageous and brave enough to follow her dreams. This journal lets the reader in on what she has to endure for her dreams to happen. This is obviously a very personal journal filled with lots of starts and stops of everyday thoughts because it is her stream of consciousness in print. Doing what she does is anything but easy. But, she does it, somehow figuring things out as she goes.

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