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The Powerless: Part Two

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Teo isn't sure how to cope with the newly discovered fact that his Familiar isn't just a regular Familiar, but in fact, a wizard convicted for his crimes. Teo is devastated at being manipulated by Tore, the Familiar that he thought he loved so deeply.  

Harder still is the fact that their Power is still interlinked and every time that Tore turns, he needs some of Teo's energy to recover. But the way that he had done that before was through sex, and now, Teo doesn't want Tore to touch him.  

Tore is also the main reason that he's able to find the stones that will return Power back to Teo's dying village, so despite his anger and hurt, he must carry on traveling with him.  

Tore seems to be sorry, but when they find the first of the stones, Teo learns things about him that he never expected, and his disappointment in Tore's dishonesty grows.  

This story is approximately 10,000 words in length and contains adult languages and explicit scenes. It is intended for mature audiences. This is the second story in a five-part series, which is updated every fortnight. You won't know what's going on if you don't read the first story, so it's highly recommended.  

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