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Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic!: Lessons Learned, Opportunities Opened, and Purposes Pursued on the Treatment Trail

Length: 253 pages1 hour


According to the Centers for Disease Control, 20.3 million Americans have been diagnosed with cancer as of mid-year 2016. There is a high probability that either you or someone very close to you are or will be afflicted with a form of this disease. What can you do? Will you withdraw, quietly accept your fate, and passively accept protocols of treatment? Or, will you seize the moment, the lessons to be learned, the opportunities which will open, and the purposes that will be plentiful? 

This book champions the latter response—from the transparent and personal perspectives of both a patient and a caregiver who have endured four diagnoses of cancer, multiple chemotherapy treatments, a stem cell transplant, and are currently enrolled in a clinical trial with 300 other relapsed cancer patients.

The title Don’t Drop the Mic! implores the cancer patient to clear away the clutter of destructive emotions and responses to the unwelcomed affliction, and instead, with a clear and focused mind…
● Learn lessons that bring fresh insights to life and can be shared with others—both those with cancer and who experience other forms of suffering!
● Boldly engage and make the most of opportunities which open alongside of the cancer!
● Find and pursue new and invigorating purposes as you pioneer personal paths you never before expected to travel.

Lessons learned, opportunities opened, purposes to be pursued. These are unexpected joys, responsibilities, and holy Callings given to us by our Lord Jesus in our sufferings. Jesus also gives us a mic, an unexpected audience, more-than-sufficient grace and strength, and then says to us, “The world is listening; what are you going to say? Don’t drop the mic!”

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