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Thallium, The Slow and Silent Killer

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Shocking to learn from a simple hair analysis test, author Samantha Jones was poisoned by thallium, the slow and silent killer. Here is a brief history of thallium, along with self-help and detox information. Watch out for the controlling quiet types in your life. They may fit the poisoner's profile. If you are a senior, don’t accept feeling bad as part of aging. If you have mysterious symptoms, please get a toxicology screening. It can save your life.

It was shocking to learn I was poisoned by thallium and other heavy metals, along with dangerous elements found in chemotherapy agents, including uranium, silver, and nickel. Because The Carlson Company’s high-tech lab was equipped to test an entire strand of hair dating back almost two years, the real story identifying the actual poisoners came into crystal clarity. The entire hair strand test is a remarkable gift of today’s science and technology, and will help you catch the bad guys and support your legal efforts. Making sure the public has access to these toxicology screenings is a critical public service because the typical police department forensics labs have a backlog of at least 2 years.

The toxicologist helped me design a detoxification plan featuring the amazing coffee Revital U Brew, chlorella, cilantro, milk thistle, and other liver cleansers. I take 10 grams of Vitamin C per day, with a mainly fruits and veggies diet. I have increased my sleep and enjoy moderate daily exercise. My daily spiritual reading and meditation are greatly intensified with my feelings of gratitude. My detox diet consists of cider vinegar, fresh apple juice and lemon water, green veggie broth, raw and cooked veggies, especially beets. I take a lot of Epsom salt baths and work on forgiveness. Whenever I start crumbling into thoughts of “poor me,” I start the victory affirmations because I know my cells are listening to my thoughts. Take charge of your health!

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