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The Chosen One

Length: 188 pages2 hours


What if, after many long months of desperately searching for answers one arrives at your door...yet the answers scare the hell out of you and will change your life forever?

A dark and dangerous man -

Modern day rules and customs don't apply to Noel Posas who has held the title of Dream Master since his youth. He's a man in search of his village's reincarnated healer and will stop at nothing to bring the child back to the Mexican jungle where he is desperately needed.

A mother searching for answers -

Elise Colby refuses to believe that her son Matthew's recent strange behavior is the result of a psychological disorder, and she's not about to put him on mind-altering medication. Eager to help her son and confident that the dark Indian who came to her door can help them both, Elise acts on instinct and goes with Noel to his luxurious cave-home.

A passionate affair that wasn't part of the plan -

Elise has no intentions of living life in the jungle; she only wants her son to be cured. Noel's thoughts are solely on honing Matthew's healing powers so his people will continue the old ways he fights so strongly to hold on to. But Elise and Noel share many of the same strengths and vulnerabilities, and soon find sanctuary in each other’s arms.

A kidnapping that could destroy them all -

Someone in the village isn't happy with the arrival of the two outsiders and kidnaps Matthew Colby. The deranged curandero has a double murder planned that will eliminate the people who stand in his way of reigning as supreme healer. Will Noel stop him in time, or will he lose the people he has grown to love and will his village be without a healer once again?

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