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All Downhill From Here

Length: 55 pages46 minutes


Leif is a groundskeeper at a mountain resort, in a country where they drill you on wilderness-survival skills from grade school. He respects the local vampire aristocrats, keeps his head down, and always follows the rules – even rules that servants aren’t technically supposed to know about.

Thorn is a knight from a neighboring superpower, visiting as part of a diplomatic summit. He has a magic sword, a passable knowledge of the local language...and, now, a concussion. Buried together in an avalanche, he and Leif must figure out how to work together, in spite of cultural differences, international mistrust, and hilarious mispronunciations.

Fantasy survival hurt/comfort, with romantic tension in between the mortal peril. Combines magic crystals and flying reindeer with social media and protein bars.

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(Content notes: moderately graphic violence/injuries.)

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