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The Nests of Old Women: A Modern Fairy Tale

Length: 46 pages40 minutes


When Clare Pine’s husband, Todd, leaves her for another woman, Clare’s life takes a nose dive. First she loses her man, then her apartment and finally her job. After a year watching every dream she has pass her by while Todd’s life soars, she finally becomes angry enough to do something about it. She just doesn't know what.

Then she meets a tall, dark stranger who tells her a story about an old woman who can help her—a woman in the woods. When she meets the woman, Clare will have to decide just how far she’ll go to gain her revenge.

Author of the century-spanning Cartographer Series, Karen L. Abrahamson writes fantasy, romance and mystery. Her short story, With One Shoe, was shortlisted for the 2016 Arthur Ellis Award for Excellence in Canadian Crime Writing. Her latest novella, Death by Effigy, from Guardbridge Books, was released in April 2017. She lives in British Columbia, Canada with bears, bald eagles and the ocean for neighbours.

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