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The New Covenant Passover Misnamed Easter: Book for the Lent

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The New Covenant Passover Misnamed Easter by Orukpe Andrew is an inspirational book for the Lent. Like other great books authored by Orukpe Andrew, this book is very enlightening and motivational.

We all know Easter is the celebration of the suffering, death, burial and resurrection of Christ, but there is more! It is a generally well-known fact that the children of Israel were held captive in the land of Egypt.

After God had brought them out, the old Passover festival was instituted as a remembrance of how God rescued them. But it was not long when they turned their back to God again because they were still under the bondage of sin.

The blood of disobedience still flows in their veins and that was traced to their first parents, Adam and Eve. Today, the New Covenant Passover is celebrated as Easter, remembering how God rescued us from sin, eternal death and the Devil, through the higher sacrifice of His Lamb Jesus Christ. But it will baffle you where the name Easter was gotten from.

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