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This is the first dimensional analysis of Afghan culture and is based on the work of Geert Hofstede. More specifically,- it explains how and why Afghan culture is so drastically different from American and other Western cultures;-it provides tips on how Westerners can work effectively with Afghans;-it provides the underlying reasons why Afghans think and behave the way they do;-it describes how Afghans deal with the dimension of Power Distance: social power, expert power, power and wealth, authority of the person, age, and charisma;-it explains how Afghans cope with fear of nature, of other men, and of the supernatural;-it explains why Afghans are loyal first and foremost to their family, and then to their ethnicity, sect, ideology, and region, and only lastly to the state as a whole;-it gives an analysis of gender issues in Afghanistan; and-finally, it provides a comprehensive description of the major ethnic groups in Afghanistan.
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