Richard Dawkins’ God Delusion
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Is evolving Nature all there is – a self-generated, self-propelled, and self-contained mechanism? Are human beings, as the peak of nature, sovereign owners and masters of their lives and their world? That is the stance taken by Richard Dawkins, naturalist, biologist and atheist. Or is evolving reality derived from, dependent on and empowered by God, the transcendent Source and Destiny of reality? Does this God reach out to humans as a person because humans are persons? That is the conviction of the Christian faith and the stance taken by the author of this book.The consequences of these alternatives for human existence, modern civilization, the economy, politics and the future of the earth are inestimable. Klaus Nürnberger shows that Dawkins, stuck in naturalism, cannot account for the fundamental human experience of transcendence. Because he takes Dawkins so seriously, it is possible to take Nürnberger much more seriously than most theologians too — a highly worthwhile read. (Prof Jim Cochrane, Theology, University of Cape Town) We could thank Dawkins for formulating the atheist manifesto and Nürnberger for living up to the challenge and calling Dawkins to book with courage, wisdom, honesty and humility. It could inspire a whole generation to reconsider their roots, give new meaning to their lives and call the world to responsibility. His discussion of the essential aspects of Christianity is an absolute gem (Prof Egmont Rohwer, Chemistry, University of Pretoria). A faith that chooses to confront or ignore the results of ‘best science’ threatens to become irrelevant or confrontationist. By accepting the validity of accusations by Dawkins against acts perpetrated in the name of faith in the past, and contra-dictions evident in the present, Nürnberger has been able to present a concept of faith that retains the essence of the biblical message. In fact, the Christian message is now much clearer than it has been. (Prof Max Braun, Science Education, University of Pretoria.)
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