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Sherlock Holmes Easy-English 3-in-1 Box Set: The Blue Carbuncle, Silver Blaze, The Red-Headed League re-told in 21st century Easy-English

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Sherlock Holmes Easy-English 3-in-1 Box Set is the first of the Easy-English box sets featuring the following Sherlock Holmes short stories

The Blue Carbuncle

Silver Blaze

The Red-Headed League

each re-told in 21st century Easy-English by international best-selling author Mark Williams.

Many classics of English literature were written in styles of English not commonly used today, and even for those who speak and read modern English fluently the archaic styles, wording and phrases of yesteryear can be challenging. All the more so for those who are late to literacy or those reading English as a second language.

The Easy-English Classics series bridges that gap by re-writing the classics in modern-day English for modern-day English readers, but with the settings and all the flavour of the originals.

British-English version.

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