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Love Your Neighbor

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Caught in the everyday reality of the opportunities, if not need, to love those around us, how exactly can we do so when we are often bent on doing just the opposite? Love Your Neighbor is an exclamation point to Dean Chicquette's earlier book titled Simply Grace. In it he draws us from a flesh-self identity to really settling that we are united to Christ Jesus. Believing this, he further declares Jesus' intention has not changed. Christ, by His Spirit, now in us is just as eager to draw all humanity to Himself. Looking at how Jesus first accomplished this is revisited in Love Your Neighbor.

He encourages us to draw so close to the Person of Love that in each moment we recognize those God has sent us to love. Without compromise, he challenges us to step into a life of Jesus' Self-for-others. As you read through the book it is more of a cleansing of the soul than an enriching of the mind. Yet, through repetition and challenge, you leave wanting to exercise that which first seemed impossible, love your neighbors even if they are you enemies.

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