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Until You: Until Series, #1

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Turning down a proposal from the man she loved was the worst decision of Gretchen's life. With her family now bankrupt and the love of her life now married to another woman, she must accept a job offer, move to London and try to fix what's left of her life. 

But when she arrives London, she is given the devastating news that someone else has been hired in her stead. Returning to San Fransisco a failure is not an option Gretchen is willing to consider so she takes on a different job; one that involves a baby, a man and unfortunately, love. 


Ethan Williams is done with love. Scorned and left by his wife, his life's goal is to acquire more wealth and travel the world.  

The morning Ethan wakes up to find an infant on his door step, he is certain his life just took a turn for the worse especially when the note attached informs him of his new role as the child's father. 

Left with no choice, he hires a nanny to care for the child until he can think of what to do with her. 

When Ethan begins to feel his heart respond to the presence of the new nanny, he is determined to rid himself of every silly notion of love. Because, Ethan Williams is done with love.

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