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The Billionaire's Witch Book Three: The Billionaire's Witch, #3

172 pages2 hours


Lydia has come into her powers early. But in doing so, she's come into her full responsibility early, too. And that's just as horrible as it sounds. For the more power she attains, the more that power drives her to protect Richard.

When Richard pushes her to learn the element of air, but winds up kidnapped, Lydia is thrust into a race to save him. As a powerful fire practitioner, Richard can be used to feed spells. And with every hour that passes, she can feel his heat dwindling.

She's shoved into a frantic battle that spans the city and gives her another glimpse into the dark depths of Fairchurch. And the more she fights, the more her inheritance rises up to meet her.

But will it be in time?

The Billionaire's Witch is an urban fantasy series sure to please fans of Odette C. Bell's The Frozen Witch.

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