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The Creation, Physics, and the Spirit: Understanding Yahweh, The Christ, and the Children of God

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This book begins by following the account of Creation in Genesis, but not from a linear perspective as is common with so many commentators. The seven days of Creation, as I understand it, is not so much an historical event as a picture of how the Creation is presently sustained. "Time" is an intuitive experience we have as we are subject to the laws of the Creation, but God exists outside/transcendent to His Creation as He exists in a timeless state, as such this Creation is sustained even now, as His Spirit still hovers over the formless void, and His breath resonates upon the surface of the symbolic waters stimulating the laws and dimensions that we recognize as this universe. To understand this one must explore WHAT God is, what it means when we say He is Infinite and Boundless, which are not the same as eternal, first we need to understand God's BEING.

Next, I follow the account of Adam and his wife in the Garden, and how this couple is a symbolic expression of the soul within us, or rather the created soul that we are, and how our nature, even the nature of our existence, differs from that of our Creator. Simultaneously we are introduces to YHWH, who is of the same Spirit as the transcendent Father, as the Father determines to enter in to His own Creation, ultimately for our salvation. Once again this knowledge is not to be understood merely in a historical context but to reveal how it is that we exist and what the limitations imposed upon our own Being are. 

Lastly, following parts of the Book of John, I explore the nature of the Christ, as He is begotten of the Father, and how the Spirit interacts with ours bringing about our salvation as the Spirit imparts to us eternal life. 

Our minds are from birth, conditioned by our senses, we hear the sounds around us, those tones which are finite and quickly fading, but we do not consider the Silence to be a greater reality. When we see with our eyes, we are drawn to the objects that obstruct space, but we do not see the space itself nor think it to be of more value than the object which exists only for a short time. As we lend our value of reality to that which is merely finite in nature, we do not see with the same regard that which is mirroring the infinity surrounding it. And so Jesus equates the Spirit with the wind, unseen itself, and us percieving only its effects. 

What I hope to accomplish with this book, as I follow the flow of God's Spirit from His transcendent estate as Father, to His Heavenly personage as YHWH, to its embodiment in the one we call Jesus, the reality of the Spirit. Through the eyes of our doctrines and senses we read the scriptures and the "Spirit" and its work is translated by our minds metaphorically rather than substantially as we do not discern the SUBSTANCE of it. Just as we see no substance of the space surrounding us, nor of the silence without which no sound could exist, so the Spirit in scriptures, being understood as non-physical, immaterial, has also loss the value, the substance of its Being. Spiritual sight is in seeing the Spirit as more substantial than that which is passing away, but this is at odds with our natural sense perception, and so in tracing the descent of God's Spirit, I hope to refresh it's reality in your eyes.


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