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Love Based Goals: Your Guide to Living Your Purpose & Passion

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Are you frustrated with your lack of progress on your goals?

Maybe you struggle with focus or procrastination. Or, maybe it feels like no matter what you do, you're not able to create new habits that support where you want to go.

What's even worse is you KNOW you're destined for something bigger! Maybe you're supposed to make a big difference in the world. Maybe your business isn't where it's supposed to be or you still have books or other creative projects inside you. Or maybe you're not living your purpose or your passion.

If this is you, you're exactly in the right place. That's where the concept of love-based goals—and this book!--comes in.

If you're not living the life you've dreamed of, there's likely something deeper going on—something that's going to stand in your way no matter how many planners you use or productivity hacks you try.

This book will not only help you dig into identifying what your true goals are, and what's stopping you from achieving them, but it will also guide you in figuring out the best productivity system for YOU, to keep you on course.

You'll get both internal and external goal-setting strategies, exercises to help you clear blocks, PLUS a free Love-Based Goals Workbook to help you finally reach your love-based goals.

By the time you finish reading, you’ll have a plan in place for finally reaching your love-based goals.

"Love-Based Goals" is a part of the Love-Based Business series, which is an award-winning series that has been featured on numerous media outlets, including CBS and NPR.

"I love every book in Michele's Love-Based book series, but I think this one should be read first. Without this foundation, every thing else you do to be successful in life or your biz is 100 times harder. I love her process because it's practical, yet addresses the mindset behind the goals. Now I'm ready to rock my goals!"
Jeanna Gabellini, author of 10 Minute Moneymakers

"I love it! A book on goals...with heart! It's sooo much more inspiring than your run-of-the-mill book on goal setting. Like all the books in Michele's Love-Based series, she speaks to the power of positive emotions - specifically her love-based philosophy - for for doing anything in your life including going after your dreams and goals. She also includes exercises in the book where she takes you by the hand step by step so that you have a plan in place for reaching your goals by the time you've finished reading the book. Great stuff, Michele!"
Eva Gregory, Top Spiritual Entrepreneur Coach

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