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The Dragon's Secret: Book 1 of The Dragon's Breath Series

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The Dragon’s Breath Trilogy is an action packed adventure series that I wrote for my three children. Its central theme focuses on the impact of divorce on children’s lives and how they cope with the emotional turmoil, transitions, trials and tribulations of living between two houses with separated parents and the introduction of extended families and other parental partners.

Each story has a central theme and a challenge that each child has to meet. They each have to overcome their fears and insecurities while they also deal with the impact of their parents’ separation. There to help them, in each case, is their Dragon – the voice of reason, a symbol of the energy of life that burns within them. The Dragon’s message to each of the three children is slightly different because they were each affected differently by their parents’ relationship breakdown.

The books are written to pass on advice to the reader, suggest skills and strategies to assist with a broader understanding and acceptance of what may have also affected them in their lives and, above all, to give reason for hope in going forward.

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