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Second Chance: A Collection of Short Dark Tales

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It’s late in the year of 1975 and someone isn’t happy with the way their life has turned out and where it might be heading. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but first our guy must go through some trials and tough times before he is able to reach that light. Life is all about making good decisions and taking the opportunity to act upon the things that matter most to us when the chance presents itself.

In this series of short stories we follow the same individual on that journey of missed opportunity and final redemption. As such, these stories all link together. They are however, complete individual stories in their own right, and so although it is helpful and probably advisable to read them in chronological order, it is not essential.

Things get very close to the edge for our guy, does he even survive? Some of the time he is inside his own head, yet something is eating away at him . . . something dark from the past.

After the shock of the opening story there comes a trail of events that take him deep into a fantasy world before a ghostly figure engulfs him in the supernatural. Demons from the darkness await him before he finally emerges to confront his deepest secret in a ghostly tale from a Christmas long past.

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