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Just The Beginning: The Accidental Cannibal, #2

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Rock bottom became the foundation on which Samuel rebuilt his life.

Samuel thought getting rid of Francis, the stranger was the end. How wrong he was. It was just the beginning.

After six years of rebuilding and living the happy family life, Samuel had almost forgotten about that world. Almost.
A chance encounter with a Kings Armour soldier–the new Kings defensive unit–reignites the unused abilities within Samuel as well as reigniting something within himself as he disarms the soldier easily.

The chance encounter leads to Samuel being recruited by the king and having to move himself and his family to The Capital. He is thrown into another unknown world, the extravagance of The Capital is nothing like he has ever seen or known. 

Without even having time to settle and get to know the plentiful powered humans, Samuel is soon having to use his abilities in order to protect the king in a bitter battle for the throne from his loathsome brother. 

Can Samuel and his family cope in a world of powers, opulence and petty sibling rivalry? 
He would find out. 

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