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Golden Horse: The Story of Astra

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If any horse deserved to succeed, Astra did. Her breeding as a jumper was flawless, her mother was a successful show jumper, her father a successful steeplechaser. But when Astra was taken to her first competitions she refused to jump, even though she jumped with enthusiasm at home. For Clare, her owner and rider it was a bitter disappointment and a setback she hadn't bargained on. All the years of training seemingly a waste of time. In that first summer of shows Clare, kept faith in Astra, taking her to competition after competition, only to be let-down. Astra, it seemed was a failure, before she had even got started . . . good for nothing.

But then, just as things started to look up for Astra she broke down badly, and things didn't look good. Would she be destined to end her ill-fated life at such a tender age?

Or would Clare's love, and faith in her horse be enough to save her?

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