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The Powers: The Not-So-Super Superheroes

111 pages1 hour


Dad sets his head on fire, while mom brings thunderstorms everywhere. Meet the Powers: the not-so-super superheroes.

The Powers are a superhero family who have some incredible powers, but are also decidedly lacking in any ability to control them. On a visit to The World-Famous Museum of Pirates and Buccaneers, the Powers discover a history of pirates stealing from the locals in the seaside town where they're on vacation. Two suspicious sailors convince the Powers that pirates are plotting their return to the town, and when JP spots a tall ship at sea, havoc ensues as the Powers try to save the day. Only Suzie, whose family is sure she has no superpowers at all, can keep things under control. But for how long? A perfectly-paced adventure story featuring a colorful and genuinely funny family, The Powers will entertain and charm young readers.

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